Welcome to Dry Etch. My name is Hugo Santos and I'm an IT and Electronics Engineer. Currently I work at Imagination Technologies as Customer Engineer, providing QA, demos and support to the Ci40 Creator Kit, an IoT platform based on MIPS architecture.

I concluded my studies on Electronics Engineering at University of Algarve in Portugal, completing the Master's degree with the thesis: "Aging and Performance Sensor for CMOS Memory Cells". The aging sensor detects slow transitions due to a reduction of performance caused by circuitry aging, in SRAM and DRAM memory cells. The sensor was implemented and tested for 22nm technology. As a result of this work the aging sensor is on patent pending state.

At the University with a some friends we co-founded eLab Hackerspace. eLab is a space to share knowledge and create any project using electronics, 3D printing, mechatronics, and other technologies. 

This blog is my personal portfolio and aims to show some of my projects which I develop and document on my free time. Hope you enjoy, take care :)